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Dantelle has Tremendous Success at Magic Fashion Convention!

Magic this year was absolutely phenomenal. We met so many wonderful people from boutiques all over the world! From the East Coast, to the Midwest, to the South, to the West Coast, and even to Puerto Rico and Canada- everyone was just lovely, and everyone loved our brand.  We offered so many beautiful oil wash colors, it was hard for our customers to choose their favorites! We were so busy at our "rainbow" booth, we never had time to stop. Sometimes I was taking multiple orders at once, and trying to find the time to write them all down! I needed about 4 more hands...ha.  Our clients also fell in love with our soft "yummy" fabrics, as we have coined...

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Dantelle is Jetting Off to Magic in Las Vegas!

We are so excited to attend Magic again this February in Las Vegas!  To keep up with the latest styles and trends, we always show our line at all the biggest shows, and Magic is the best!  WWD Magic is a fashion convention where contemporary and trend-driven ready to wear clothing for women is showcased. Companies from all over the world come to show off their clothing lines for the upcoming year. In one huge space, you get to see the largest selection of women's apparel and accessories in the entire industry! The most wanted brands will be there, including yours truly...Dantelle.  It's such a fun shopping environment, with upbeat music, uniquely designed booths, and of course, the best styles. ...

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