To Dye For

February 20, 2020

To Dye For


Let me take you back in time:

It's a hot summer day and you're sitting your parents garage with the door open, feeling the summer breeze. You have plain shirts, dye, and rubber bands sprawled around you. Abba is blasting on the stereo in the corner, while you sit on the floor and create your own designs with colors, turning your hands rainbow. Your parents come home furious at the mess you've made on the concrete floor, that you know won't come off. But you're too excited about what you've created and quickly untie the rubber bands off the shirt and display your unique tie dye shirt to the world.

Sometimes the mess is worth it, sometimes it's not. Gone away are the muddied up brown "rainbow" shirts. We have made it easier and cleaner for you to have this same feeling with our array of tie dye shirts.

Not only is tie dye a link to simpler days, but we believe it also gives you the ability to show off your own style, your inner feelings and your free side, without having that "try hard look".

We've made it easier for you to show off your fun side with our unique tie dye shirts.

They are to dye for.


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