Returns and Refunds

Dantelle is a socially responsible company, and although we try our best to make garments that all our customers love, we understand that sometimes it just isn’t right. 

After evaluating all the resources used in designing, producing, shipping, and returning our products, we at Dantelle are working to reduce our overall carbon footprint. So, join us in a new thought — if you don’t like something about your order, donate your item instead of returning it. But if you are curious about a style, please ask us your question(s) before ordering.

We are accepting all valid* refund requests.

All we ask is that you donate the refunded items to your local charity.

Simply inform us that you want to begin the refund process, send us your proof of donation, and we’ll issue you a refund for the donated items.


To start a return or exchange visit our return center here.


Terms and Conditions (boring, we know, but important) 

*A valid refund request must be initiated within 7 days after delivery.  

A customer’s refund request is not required to include the entire order – only the items wishing to be refunded. 

Proof of donation must be sent through email to Donation Slips may be attached in one of the following formats: all image files (.jpg, .png, etc.), or PDF. 

Donation Slips must match, but are not limited to, the entire refund request. In other words, items to be refunded must be included on the donation slip, but we encourage donating extra items. 

You will not be refunded for an item not donated.  

Dantelle will initiate a refund for donated items within 3 business days upon receiving the customer’s donation slip. 

Dantelle will accept returns on a case-by-case basis only. 




These return conditions apply only to customers.